Experience traditional dishes of Brazil!

Sandra was born in the Bahia region of northern Brazil and was introduced to the kitchen at a young age while assisting her mother in her small bed and breakfast.

She learned about fresh foods from her father who operated a fruit market. Here began her exposure to healthy eating as they prepared foods they had grown ourselves.

Her Brazilian cuisine draws on her culture that all meals, no matter how large or how small, are special events among family and friends!

“I would like to bring to the Pacific Northwest our real Brazilian food, from my childhood, from my roots, using what we used to eat at home such as cassava, okra, coconut, and palm oil. We have beautiful and colorful food with influences of Indigenous, Portuguese and Africans. The state where I was born, in Bahia, describes this mixture of three cultures very well.”

She was featured on Evening Magazine king5.com during the International Women Day, March10, 2021 and during the World Food Day Celebration in October, 2021. Also featured on the New Day Northwest on August 16, 2022, sharing her recipe for farofa and an iconic Brazilian cocktail.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our community to eat fresh and healthy without wasting food. We provide instruction in meal planning, focusing on utilization of unprocessed foods as much as possible.

The concept originated from a desire to support our local charitable organizations. The auctioning meals helped fund local nonprofits. Our goal is to continue assisting the community through our business.

Our Vision

We believe the magic of food helps connect people, build relationships, inspire changes, and brings community together. Eating fresh and eating healthy is our ultimate goal. We are here to deliver outstanding customer service, food experiences and on a daily basis, help our customers reduce waste and processed food. When we work together with our community we make a difference socially, economically and environmentally.

Our Values

Integrity | Respect | Diversity | Social Responsibility

Online Cooking Classes for both Adults and Kids

Join me every Tuesday and Thursday for my virtual online cooking class where I will be cooking up a new Brazilian cuisine.

These classes are interactive with all participants, encouraged to ask questions as we cook together.

Our remote classes are entertaining and educational. Not only will you begin to create delicious meals, you will also learn how to choose fresh ingredients. You can learn about meal planning for your week, how to organize your refrigerator and pantry, and how to shop within an appropriate budget. The classes are an opportunity to connect people over food.

Classes are priced individually or discounted for those choosing a subscription of several classes.
Private classes also can be arranged.


Brazil - The culture, people & food

The Portuguese explorer Pedro Cabral in 1500 stepped foot on the South American land that would become Brazil. European influence of the indigenous society began. As agriculture developed in this colony, enslaves from west Africa were brought into the colony. This mixture of the 3 continental influences established a unique cuisine. Brazil, also has a strong presence of Asian and Middle East populations.

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world by land mass. The country has various geographical regions, each providing a variety of foods. Brazil has been a major exporter of coffee and sugar cane. It is one of the largest providers of meat proteins in the world. The long coast line provides a source for seafood. This multicultural country and the variety of foods have given rise to several different cuisines which have some regional distribution.

Feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, is made by cooking black beans, and smoked meats for several hours. It served with white rice, collard greens, and farofa, (toasted yuca flour with spices, onion and garlic). Each state adapted the preparation according to their own style. The concept is the same-the beans and meats need to be in the same pan.

Caipirinha is the national cocktail, made with cachaca (sugar cane rum), sugar, lime, and ice. The flavor is so special that you will drink at least two caipirinhas.

The weather, hospitality and the colorful soul from Brazil make this Country special and unique.

What Customers Are Saying
About Us

We pride ourselves on what our happy
clients say.

Dave & Sue Gitch

“Wish you could travel the world but can’t get away right now?  Let Sandra bring the world colorful taste of Brazil to you.  Brazilian cuisine combines the flavors of 3 continents into one mouth-watering combination.  Your taste buds never had it this good!  Who’s a world traveler now?  For you and 7 of your world traveling friends.”

Dave & Sue Gitch

Rebecca Carlson

“With great admiration, I’d like to recommend the cuisine and talents of Brasil Comes to You as your next catering option. Chef Sandra brings an authentic passion to the overall experience and as a past client I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Rebecca Carlson

Catherine Mithcel

“Not long ago we were transported to sunny brasil (note that brasil is always spelled with an s and usually not capitalized by Brazilians / brasileiros) by Sandra and her team from Brasil Comes to You.”

Catherine Mithcel

Kim Duff

“Sandra hosted a Brazilian dinner at our home and it was fantastic!  She went over the top to make the evening special.  The food was flavorful with each course unique.”

Kim Duff

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